Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exodyssey website launch!

The official Exodyssey website is finally up and running. Please refresh your browser if you only see a coming soon splash page, enjoy!

ImagineFX the world-renowned fantasy magazine has released a very encouraging article on their May issue called "Steam fuelled" (page 25).


tonic said...

I'm a big fan of 2.5D animation, where 2D fragments are inserted into 3D space and moves around creating the great sense of space. So, you have a big applause from me! And the whole teaser was very well made and I enjoyed it. But texts were displayed in a pretty short time. I read fast so I could read everything, but it was a bit like race, haha ;)

If it was you who made animations, what software have you used for this?

BARONTiERi said...

Joel has almost done the entire trailer by himself, helped by Sebastien and David, he has used Adobe After Effects and Photoshop for most of the work. Thanks Tonic.