Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steambot studios storms CG Con 2009!

With three presentations, the Steambot team took CG Con by a storm! Joel and David were seen all through the weekend: workshops, portfolio reviews with fellow artists and students, signing Exodyssey books and even improvising Comic Books sessions live with Farzad Varahramyan, and Phil Saunders!
After a presentation about teamwork and another one about speedpainting, the team finished with a bang, with a 3CH improvisation during which Mark Goerner even jumped in and took the Wacom pen off our hands!
Two copies of Exodyssey were given away to two friendly people in the crowd, who helped us choose the 3CH subject. Leftover Exodyssey prints were also sold on the spot, if you are interested in buying some more, stay tuned, as we have all you need... hoooo yes!
People even had a 1st glance at the "Exodyssey videogame proof of concept" (see previous post) that Austin's Bluepoint helped develop, running on a PS3!
For any information concerning investments and/or partnership, please

Random comments from the organizers and participants:
"I want to THANK YOU for your help, participation and support of CG Con 09. You guys have something amazing as the Steambot team!"
"I had a really fun time at CG con and would recommend it to everyone." :)

Exodyssey : The Game!!! Any investor or publisher?

Steambot Studios and Bluepoint Games (Blast Factor), have recently collaborated on a proof of concept real-time demo on Sony Playstation 3, based on the universe of Exodyssey.
The prototype was done in a very short period of time and shows our intentions in terms of graphics and gameplay... We are now looking for a publisher and potential investors to start working on this next action-adventure AAA title. Bring it on!